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Beach Rules

1.     Beach facilities are for the use of paid members and their guests only.  A member must accompany guests.

2.     There is no lifeguard on duty. You swim at your own risk
3.     It is forbidden to use illegal drugs. Use of alcohol by persons under the legal age is forbidden.

4.     Young children are not permitted on the beach unsupervised.  Parents must provide supervision.  No climbing on walls or building roof is permitted.

5.     To ensure sanitary conditions for our children, dogs will not be permitted on the sand portion of the beach.  Any dogs entering the gated area must be on a leash at all times. Please pick up after your dog and do not leave behind waste bags.

6.     No fishing is permitted in the “swim area” while swimmers are in the water.

7.     Please limit one car per family on weekend and holidays.

8.     Bicycles and skateboards must be left in the parking area and are not permitted on the pier.

9.     Please clean up after yourself (including parking lot, kayak space and any front yards/hedges leading to the beach)  All beach toys should be returned to the toy bin prior to departing the beach.

10.   Furniture is not permitted on the beach or floats.

11.   Use of the beach for private parties by members is encouraged.  To avoid conflicting dates, all private parties must be scheduled with the Association. Please click here or contact

12.   An adult member must supervise any party attended by individuals under the age of 21.  The supervising adult is fully responsible for the conduct of all underage partygoers.

13.   The beach area to the left of the pier, when facing the water, is not GRA property. We kindly ask all members to respect our neighbors' property.

14.   It is forbidden to jump off the pier into the water.


There is potentially dangerous situation at the beach/pier in stepping off the floats into the mud at low tide. The sand at the water's edge may be more like "quick sand" and there is a danger of sinking deep in the muck. Please be extremely careful at low tide and avoid the sand/muck at the water's edge if at all possible. We would advise (1) all boaters to be especially mindful of this situation and (2) for parents to remind all children of this potential danger. 

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