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Kayak Rules

1.     Kayaks must be tied down to the rack and stored upside down.

2.     A kayak is only allowed in its assigned space.

3.     Only one (1) kayak per space.

4.     All kayaks must be registered with the Association and display a numbered sticker provided by the Association.

5.     Only kayaks or paddle boards on the racks, no canoes.

6.    In the event that any kayaks are not registered and remain on the beach, after due notice (to their owners where possible), the kayaks will be removed and sold by the GRA with all sales proceeds being retained for the benefit of association members.

To be added to the Kayak waitlist, please click here.

Dinghy Rules.    

1.     All dinghies must be registered with the GRA and must be kept locked, in safe condition, free of standing water and on the outside of the floating docks only. 

2.     Dinghies must have rubber or equivalent bumper rails so as not to damage adjacent boats and should have anti-fouling bottom paint.

3.     No boats or dinghies are to be left on the beach, chained to walls or fences, on the pier, terrace or parking lot.

4.     Fifteen minute maximum tie-up at end of float and boat cannot be left unattended. 

5.     Dinghies are not to be left unattended at the end of the float at any time. Dinghies are not to be left on top of floats, except during storm conditions.

6.     No cleaning of dinghy bottom during swimming hours.  Please remove debris from float after cleaning dinghy bottom.   Do not clean bottoms on beach or terrace.

7.     The care and maintenance of each dinghy is the responsibility of its owner.  Dinghy must be properly tied and bailed of water. The Association will remove dinghies that pose a threat to the dock or other boats.

8.     All dinghies must be identified with some marking and all unregistered dinghies will be removed.

Annual dinghy fee is $100 - payment can be made via Zelle (search under: or by check made out to Greenhaven Rye Association, Inc. and dropped off at 103 Greenhaven Road, Attn: Jordan Seaman.

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