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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I please have the beach code?

All access to the beach gate is via the OpenPath app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone.  (If you don't have a smartphone, alternate arrangements can be made.). Access is individual to the user, and each family member must be registered separately.  Please contact us if you require access. Beach access is for GRA members only.

Can I reserve the beach for a private event?

Events for parties under 25 people can be booked for free by asking the Association on the website. For parties of 25 people and above, the Association is charging a fixed fee of $150 (unless the event is for a non-profit organization).  Once the date is confirmed, we will put it on the GRA calendar, as to notify the other members.  However, any type of event will not prevent other members from entering or using the beach, pier, etc. at their discretion, respectful of the event that is going on.  Furthermore, it will be your responsibility to leave the beach clean after the event.  This means:

  • Tables and chairs as you've found them

  • Garbage bins emptied, with a new trash bag in it (and no trash left on the ground)

  • Trash bags in the garbage cans outside of the gate

  • Materials for recycling in the appropriate bins (also outside of the gate)

  • A call to Rye Public works that there is garbage and recycling to be picked up at the beach (entrance is between 95 and 101 Greenhaven Road)

Please remind us shortly prior the event as well, so we can notify our security guard.

Can I use the speakers at the beach?

For your private event, you are able to use the sound system: A member of the Board will need to give you access to the shed (just email us prior to the event). Connect to wireless (verizon) - password is on the router. Then activate your bluetooth, which will pick up the sound system , and play whatever music off your phone you want.  Your phone needs to remain in Bluetooth range (easiest to leave your phone next to the system).  

Can I use the beach if I am not a member?

Please refer to the Beach Rules.  Only Members are allowed to use the beach and any non-members must be accompanied by a member at all times.

I'm selling my house, how can I get a letter of good standing for my Attorney/Agent?

We now have an online form for you or your agent to fill out, and we will send you an email confirmation.  The Board does not have any official "transfer documents".


Can I leave a kayak at the beach?

It is free to store your kayak at the beach, but all kayaks must be registered with the GRA.  Please click here for details and registration.

Can I leave my dinghy at the floating doc?

Dinghy registration is $100, and all rules and payment information can be found here.

Can I have a boat mooring off the Greenhaven Beach?

With your beach rights, you can sink a mooring ball independently, and the person you hire will help choose the optimal spot based on tides/rocks/current moorings/boat size.  The mooring doesn’t have anything to do with the GRA or the City of Rye.  You will need to pay $100 to have a dinghy at the dock to access your mooring. 

Is the beach secure? What do I do if I see suspicious activity?

Keeping the beach safe for our members and their families is of utmost importance.  We need your help to keep our code secure and report any suspicious activity.  You can call the Rye Police directly if you feel it is necessary.  We do have 24hr security cameras at the beach and entrance, as well as a nightly patrol by the Rye Police.  Security is an ongoing discussion at our Board Meetings and we are always open to new suggestions.

What is the Greenhaven Yacht Club?

The Greenhaven Yacht Club is run independently by members, and is open to all.  Please contact them directly for more information.

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